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Professional Photographers of Orange County is an organization that is dedicated to the continued Education of new and Professional Photographers. We achieve this by hosting Monthly Meetings, Workshops, Image Competitions Safari's and Networking Events.

Our members are committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards in our industry. 

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Lightroom Quick Tips… Culling at HyperSpeed. By: Rick Valasek, PPOC 1st VP

Best Practices to maximize your experience while saving time and effort.

After you have “decompressed” from the photo shoot - it’s time to import your images into Lightroom, and begin the thankless task of picking the “keepers” from the “soon to be deleted.” 

After talking to several wedding and event photographers - there is a huge agreement regarding two factors involved in the process of culling your photos. First, EVERYONE absolutely hates this process and secondly, it is a real time-hog. 

In fact, I felt the same way until I was tutored in this process by one of the most successful photographers on the West Coast. They guided me in a few basic principles that have really streamlined my business and allowed me to cut down the culling time dramatically. WANT TO READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE: CLICK HERE.

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President's Address:

Happy 4th of July! July is an incredible month of celebrations!! Our great Country's birthday, our freedom, and our right to live as we choose. It is also a time to celebrate the MEMBERS of PPOC. That is right, without you, our members we would just be one more meet-up. It is our incredible members that are making PPOC so amazingly engaging. Our members and your questions that make our speakers events so awesome! Your participation in our Safaris, Membership Drives, Workshops and even our Board Meetings! There are a lot of places to watch tutorials, learn f-stops and shutters, however it is my belief that due to the quality of our members PPOC is the GREATEST place to share business tips, to connect with experienced professionals to find out FIRST HAND how they have lived through thick and thin in this amazing industry, we are about sharing our experiences, and knowledge to make this industry BETTER!! Whether you are new, experienced, full-time, part-time, strong business practices, will allow you to make the most of every minute you have, learning from our members will save you countless headaches in trying to learn it on your own. We have ALL been there at some point. I look forward to being able to help lend my hand in building this community, and look forward to your input on what to make this community into.

As I was reviewing PPOC’s paper work, I realized that we have something else to celebrate, PPOC was founded in 1970, that makes PPOC 45 Years old. We are the most experienced Photography Group in Orange County!! This in itself is an amazing accomplishment and you will find that the average life of most meet-up groups is less then 4 years!

I would also like to congratulation many of our PPOC Members who have passed the OC Fair’s initial jury process and will have their work on display at this year’s 125th season of the OC Fair. What is the big deal about the OC Fair’s Visual Art’s Exhibit? It is one of the toughest in the country to get into!! In 2014 there were over 5000 entries submitted, this year I know that the number has gone up, roomer has it that it has surpassed 6000 entries. Furthermore, PPOC Members have been involved with the OC Fair’s Visual Art’s Exhibits in many ways over the years, some of us enter, some of our members have been judges, and other have taught live classes there! How is that for a way to get involved!!

I am very proud of PPOC.

Thank You

Duane Murphy

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